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The Shareholder Democracy Network makes your voice heard – as a customer, employee, investor, or mutual fund shareholder – in the boardrooms of our companies


Your Missing Voice

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Too many companies have harmed the long-term interests of their customers, their employees, their investors, and the mutual fund shareholders who hold about a third of their stock by pursuing:

  • Short-term financial reporting practices

  • Short-term sales tactics

  • Short-term labor policies, and

  • Short-term competitive strategies with adverse environmental, social, and governance effects.

All while paying CEOs multiples of what they pay typical employees – nearly 300 on average – that many stakeholders consider risky and potentially demoralizing.

The Shareholder Democracy Network makes your voice heard by reporting your views on the issues you care about currently scheduled for votes by shareholders of U.S. public companies.

What if the unwashed masses got to vote on companies’ strategies?
— Economist, 30 Nov 2017
It is ironic that much of what may survive of the labor movement in the twenty-first century is its capital.
— David Webber, Rise of the Working-Class Shareholder, Harvard, April 2018

The Shareholder Democracy Network reconnects our companies with their community.


How it Works


You create an account and choose topics and companies of interest.


Then you vote on current shareholder and management proposals about issues that matter to you before the boards of directors of U.S. public companies


The Shareholder Democracy Network aggregates member votes and reports them.


Meet one of our partners:

1.png allows you to securely link with your retirement/investment accounts to verify how much stock you own in a company or how many shares you hold in a fund. This gives you more power to support petitions calling for companies to improve their social and environmental impact. You can start by supporting the SDN's drug pricing campaign as a verified shareholder:


About Our Founders


David Apgar launched best-practices networks for finance executives at CEB (now Gartner) after a career in investment banking and strategy consulting. David designed the GoalScreen prediction engine, wrote Risk Intelligence (Harvard Business 2006), and worked for Bill Bradley on debt crisis management and the last tax reform that was both fair and efficient.


Patrick Reilly is a Patent Attorney practicing mainly in the tech sector. Patrick has long been concerned with the direction that US corporations are taking our nation, with a particular concern about citizen access to political expression in mainstream media. His background includes four years as a Russian linguist in the US Army Security Agency and fifteen years of high-tech sales and marketing experience prior to law school.



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